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Posted by Sultry Pantyhose on Sunday, March 18, 2018

This website has enabled a WP CoinHive mining plugin. Users that attempt to login will notice a “Proof of work” verification process. The processes on the login screen and in addition processes of widget allowing for start mining button to be pressed exist on this website. While reading the blog, or watching a future live stream of product creation, users can offer their computing processes to assist the sustaining of these sites with crypto currency generation. Users will not earn crypto XMR themselves. But, the creator of this website will be earning bit portions of Monero with every miner, login verification, and shortlinks clicked at the bottom of the page. The weather is getting nice and it will soon be time to test the waters of live broadcasting with Sultry Pantyhose product creation live streams. Have a great spring everyone and thank you for registering yourself as a subscriber on!

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