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Artistic airbrushing of pantyhose on live stream later sold in internet auction.

Every startup began as an inspiration. There are many things in life that inspire. The fashion industry is full of inspired designers and models. Today, the Sultry Pantyhose creation of unique hosiery in live broadcast is an inspiration. If you’re prowess in the fashion industry is to work as a model. You may be able to be selected during the model search for the first live broadcast. The Sultry Pantyhose idea incorporates a live streaming that can create an association with audiences viewing the unique under garments. The content creation during broadcasting can become fashionable for a multiple of reasons. The offering to be a part of the debut broadcast is open to amateur models as well as experienced models . If you’re just getting your start in modeling or a curious fashion designer follow the Sultry Pantyhose Instagram.


Posted by Sultry Pantyhose on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The future for Sultry Pantyhose brand prospects is one that can alter the dressing habits of popular fashionistas and rock stars alike. The Sultry Pantyhose game plan is clear and the offering to models is potentially discrete. Model mentions participating in broadcasts that may expect high volume watch counts is the opportunity. The first of product creation is in the works! A multiple of products will be created while streaming live in the future.

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Creating wearable art is something that’s truly inspiring.



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